Black Mustang Woman, Suffocation #3, Hydroelectric Steam Punk Future City

Date: 8/25/2017

By TheNagual

I sit at the corner of my street in the dark on my laptop. I sit there for what felt like a while. I suddenly look to my back and see a cop car sitting with its lights off. I felt uncomfortable and then hear 4 cars speeding around the area. The cop car went towards them and they split up. One of the cars, a black mustang, picked me up? Suddenly I was driving with an unknown driver. We ended up in a dead end with the other cars. I then see that the driver is a blond haired action type woman. She pulls the clutch in the car like a race car driver and attempts to drive off road, however, we did not make it through. Luckily, the cop car did not find us. I was inside during the night and Garret had a container with his organs inside? It was my job to locate and make sure everything was in proper order including the bladder. He started drinking water and I could see the bladder filling up. It filled up too quickly and I had to screw on the top cap so it wouldn't overflow and so he would feel pressure and know when to pee. For some reason I was connected to the pee and the bladder overflew. A large bubble filled over my mouth and I couldn't breath. Even when I bursted the hard bubble I could barely breath and woke up. I floated down a beautifully sunny rainforest. Up above me was spiders and webs, one that stood out was a golden spider in his web. I was living in a futuristic roman city that was powered by hydroelectric steam engines that had golden/bronze connecting tubes all around the city. Everyone had good education and there was alchemists and scientists. I was an investigator and was attempting to discover if certain people were robots or human. Some time after I noticed how many people were powerful, however I had more power than most. I was able to fly like super man and investigated a hidden service. I landed on the front porch and was very tall. I asked them questions and eventually sat down and we all got along.