Anxious Jack Gilinsky concert and new house

Date: 4/28/2019

By levinelover

I was at a huge event with a stage and huge crowd to see social media famous singers and influencers. I was with Sean and some other high school friends. There was a guy singing who I didn’t know, he was irrelevant to me. Then jack and jack came onstage! I saw Jack Gilinsky and immediately got a sinking feeling in my stomach cause I was so far from him and didn’t wanna inconvenience my friends by running away. I looked at sean and was super anxious, telling him I really wanted to get closer to the stage! There were so many people I’d need to push through. I was in my new house that I was renting, and when I went inside it was full of stuff. There was a closet full of someone else’s clothing, and a box of someone else’s toys. I was confused why someone just left all that there. There was a party in my new house, and Pariza (a fucking bitch) came to the party. Also, there was an air mattress under my mattress, making my bed tall and look nice.