Murdered in a gas station

Date: 7/19/2017

By Katie_Rose

I was cruising down the road in a car with a cute boy. It was obvious that he liked me,and in the dream I think I liked him too. This is pretty strange, given that I'm a lesbian. I had just gotten a job as a model and nothing could've been better. We stopped at a gas station to get drinks, and there were a bunch of cops there questioning everyone about a missing gun. We said we didn't have it and went about our business. As we were trying to leave, they told us that we couldn't until we had been searched, so we were rounded up and held inside the locked gas station for questioning. The sun was going down outside. The officer asked again if any of us had the gun, I said no, and stated that I have literally no reason for a gun, I could never use it. Then we all started debating whether or not we would, and it got very loud. Then, from inside a nearby closet I heard someone yell "enough!" And then I heard a boom as one of the cops fell to the floor. My stomach dropped in shock. One by one all of the people next to me, leading up to me were killed. I could barely breathe now and I was actually hyperventilating. I was really really scared to die, but there was no way out. I didn't want to die like this, or yet. I hadn't done anything good yet. I was scared it would hurt. Then, with seconds left of my life, I stopped breathing and I told myself to not worry about what I can't change, and I knew I couldn't change this. It went by really fast, and it was almost painless. I had no idea I was dreaming, I had literally just prepared myself for death. After I died there was nothing, just darkness. Then I woke up and cried.