Spirit Animal revealed?

Date: 4/19/2019

By Purple

For the first time in a very long time I am remembering my dreams. And all of my dreams, my apartment setting and the outside of my apartment or different than what they are in real life. I was looking out my bedroom window and noticed in the open grassy area some animals. I couldn’t tell if it was dawn or dusk, but the light was tricky to the eyes. I saw what looked like a pack of straight dogs at first. But they seemed to be large and a little wild. I wondered if it was a pack of wolves. Suddenly it became comical. There was large white animal walking on its hind legs. I was guessing it was a man in some sort of costume. Maybe abominable snowman? But it was actually very large and tall, perhaps 7-8 feet tall. There were other animals in the pack as well, all of the canine family, perhaps in different species. They were on the far side of the field, walking toward my building, but further to their left, and my right. Waking note: I was listening to a guided meditation at bedtime to try to find my spirit animal, so having this dream in the night was very cool.