Savannah, GA and the Bee Twenty

Date: 8/15/2017

By themoonofharvest

I was walking in downtown Savannah when I spotted a twenty on the sidewalk. it looked like it had been folded to make 8 segments, and in each segment was a bee with their stinger stuck through each square. At first I neglected to pick it up because a drunk man was causing a ruckus in a small video game store that actually doesn't really exist in savannah. Once he was kicked out of the store due to misconduct, I decided to go get the dollar and see if I could find who owned it. But when I went to check on it, it was gone. I concluded that the drunk man took it to go buy more alcohol at the liquer store, so I went into the liquor store, and sure enough, he was trying to buy a bunch of beer with the Bee dollar. I got it from him as he was taken away for being drunk and causing a disruption and I went into the game store, intent on returning the twenty. the bees were very uncomfortable. I went inside and there was a mean old lady, in her sixties with reddish orange hair and an angry face serving another customer. after she finished dealing with the customer, I went up there and talked to her about the Bee dollar after she had attempted to sell me Animal Crossing; Welcome Amiibo, and immediately she claimed ownership. She was very aggressive about it, and I think she knocked me unconscious. I would like to add that I am a girl, and I was a girl for the entirety of the dream I wake up again, or rather, open my eyes again walking along that same street and my appearance had changed. I was wearing a blue ruffled skirt and a nice button down white blouse. My hair was platinum blode with a single braid down the side. My skin tone was very light, and I had a small and manageable chest size as well. I liked it. I walked back in, a different person, and I look through a digital catalogue, browsing to look casual in the store. It seems the shift had changed, or the old mean lady changed her appearance, because there was a mean but young blonde girl, most likely a junior in High school. I go up after the next customer leaves and explain to her that the Bee dollar was my lunch money for the day, and she looked angry. With a smirk she told me that she already spent it, and I became infuriated. There was no way she could have spent the Bee dollar. Then she told me she didn't spend it really, and that it was hidden in the room hidden under the store. I reluctantly agreed, and followed, intent on finding that twenty. I see a bunch of things hanging on the walls, though I couldn't tell what they were, except I knew one was a banner that I worked on for an art competition. There was some sort of damage to the bottom right corner, but I didn't know why at the time. when I asked where the dollar was, she began throwing a tantrum, screaming and crying. She even climbed on a table and started stamping her feet, bawling extremely loud. I began to get angry and I asked her where it was, and she started screaming, kicking my face and trying to run away, but never ran towards the exit. I tried to calm her down, but she screamed even louder, not giving me a chance to talk. Eventually I cupped my hand over her mouth to tone her down so she could hear me speak to her, but she bit my hand. She hit me a few times, and eventually the tantrum stormed over, and she was an angry and snarky teen again. She laughed at me for thinking she wouldn't spend the Bee dollar, explaining the strange marking on the bottom right corner of my painting was actually her just burning it with a lighter when she got bored, and I got really upset and I started crying. I went to the phone and the phone book to look for the police number, but everything was different sized lines, like a bar code. I was looking for the one with three numbers, or rather lines, before I called the police station. Suddenly, as if a mirage appeared, there was a 'front desk' styled desk in front of the exit, and a police man was there. I brought her over to him, explaining in detail what happened, about how she stole my lunch money, she kicked me in the face, and how she described in detail how she burned the corner of my painting when she was bored and on break just to taunt me. She broke down in tears as the police man took her away and I got my bee dollar. I figured it was a treasure for my adventure, and I decided to keep it safe, and only use it for emergencies. Then I woke up.