Monster up the Street.

Date: 2/5/2019

By KayleighSill

I was out with Owen and Hannah and we were just walking and talking around our house. It was dark but not to late like 7 or 8 and its snowing. I look over to the abandoned house on my right and I see some thing move inside i get really scared and walk a little faster past it. The house has been abandoned for 5 or 6 years. When we are almost to my house all the power on the street gos out and we all panic. Hannah had to go home to make sure her mom was fine. Me and Owen walk up to the abandoned house and go inside. Before we go in we look in the window but when i saw my own reflection some thing was right behind me. I looked around but nothing was there. Owen open the door and I went in behind him. It was a small house. One bedroom with the bathroom in it and the kitchen was part of the small living space. We went into the only bedroom. We both saw a black monster with a mouth that stretch farther then his face could go. He was feeding on the missing dogs. He stood up and took owen. He didn't take me instead it took me home. He told me it would never hurt me and always keep me safe from people who want me or want to hurt me. He told me family was fine but anyone else he would take and torture. I told him not to hurt owen cause he was one of my best friends. He agreed. I went to bed and herd knocking on my window. I open it and it was the monster with owen. I drove owen home and told him not to talk about it with anyone.