Chester Bennington

Date: 8/7/2017

By 1o0Cactus

I was welcomed to a snow white room with Chester standing in the middle of it. He was paler then his usually self and his whole body was transparent, but was in his leather jacket and jeans and he looks happy. He greeted me and I proceeded to ask him for advice on my music, how I could make it better, etc. He explained to me why he committed suicide, why he left his family and band like he did, and how he was battling depression. Everytime he reached out to someone he either didn't get his answer or they didn't take it the right way. Every time they had an interview that went on the subject when he was with Mike, he felt it made Mike uncomfortable or he didn't actually bother for it. How he wanted people to be happy and how he didn't want anyone to hurt themselves. After hours of talking it started to fade and he said he'll see me soon.