drunk dream

Date: 2/18/2017

By jevan

(by the way, i had been out drinking the night before and had to be put to bed because i was so drunk so that might be why this is so weird and disjointed) me and my friends were heading out the morning after a big night and my friend megan had two really expensive jackets that me and eilidh wanted to wear. but megan wouldnt let me have one because she thought i would get vomit on it but jokes on her because it was actually eilidh who through up in a flowerbed. so we arrived at our destination and it was the morning after alan carrs party and his house was flooded with lots of drawbridges connecting each of the rooms. and i was there trying to find something out; whether two people had gotten off at a party. and allan carr was looking at his guestlist for each of the rooms to see if they had been in the same room. i think it was dua lipa and charli xcx's manager... i was with dwayne the rock johnson and he was wearing a turban and he got really offended he hadnt been invited. I also had put music on the speaker and it was food by kelis. Then, the dream changed and my fanily (not my real family) came into one of the rooms which was kindof like a giftshop and james (my brother), who had flat black hair and was wearing skinny jogging bottoms, brought a dog who was going to help us get into another dimension and it had big cosmic eyes. We all sat in this really small room with a floor made of straw one by one. and apparently me, my brother, and my dad were pretty smug for not doing anything wrong. the dog was shaking and i asked if it was nervous and he said yes so i petted it. i think thats how we got to the new dimension which was in the lord of the rings universe. all i remember is that we met up with 3 warriors who were massive but pretty stupid. and they got into a fight with each other and one of them said "do you know how long it takes to decapitate a head? 10 hours!" and was about to throw an axe at the other but we all screamed no! so he threw it so it would just graze the guys face but it somehow gave him a perfect shave and took off his beard. finally, i heard a narrators voice as we zoomed out of the setting and we were a page in a book. the narrator, the voice of rupaul, said "i decided not to include gandalf in the story because he fixed everything in the end and it didnt make for a good story. he also doesnt get on with noughties kids." and then i finally woke up.