Doing it with my (guy) friend

Date: 5/8/2019

By iamriv24

In my dream, I woke up finding my friend, let’s call him, Ace, in my room sitting on my bed while I slept. So Ace apologized for waking me up, and I told him that it was okay, but I was wondering he was in my room. He told me he missed me. That’s when I admitted my own feelings for him, and Ace told me he feels the same. I kissed Ace, he took off his clothes; and the next thing I knew, he was fucking me. I certainly felt it happening, and still remembered hearing him groaning and myself moaning his name. And I think I woke up, from my dream, when I was going to orgasm in my dream. I still couldn’t believe that I had that kind of dream of him, and be in some kind of control over the dream. Especially since, he’s one of my closest college friends.