Running from orochimaru

Date: 8/10/2017

By neck

Started out I was chilling with my friends, Ron Weasley and hermione granger, when a giant boom was heard from around the corner. I went to check it out when I came across an invisible wall with a small building inside. After some trial and error I concluded that the only way to get in was to go under ground into a patch of grass that was dead along the wall. Once I got in there was a grungy looking person that seemed to be trying to kill me. While I was running away I saw orochimaru trying to get in the wall and he finally figured it out. Orochimaru got in and killed the grungy person and immediately turned to me. I knew I had to get out but I couldn't find the patch of grass that led out. (This is where I became cognizant that it was a dream) so I imagined a patch of dead grass and it appeared at my feet. I dove into it and returned on the other side of the wall where orochimaru was to follow. Next was about a 20 foot fence which stood no chance against my zero gravity jump right over It where orochimaru was close behind. Then I summoned a flying broomstick and fled the scene untouched.