creepy a$$ dream

Date: 3/6/2017

By richtoffen

It's a nice day in whatever city I was in, then octopus like aliens dropped down and started killing in the water and came to everybody's direction so I jumped over the railing and stood on a small square boat that had boxes and people were being shredded up above the aliens left and more people came elevator opened up and it was bloody with human remains in it but the people were too afraid to notice. So they went down to the laboratories. (I knew what was going on down there because I had this dream a while ago and I was one of the people that went down there and was slaughtered and the dream ended. But this one continued because I was still alive.) so I climbed back up and met my friend and another group of people went down in the elevator. So me and my friend ran to a stack of cages and stacked them so we couldn't be touched. He came over by me and sat on the cage I was and I almost fell off. So I went to the other side and a monster shredded him. And I left and the last few people in the city went down the elevator. It was just I cousin came out of the shadows but something was off. She was hypnotized by the aliens and I noticed the aliens started to leave except the overlord in the sky it came closer. I tried snapping my cousin out of it but she was to gone for me to fix and she was singing this creepy song. "Scary human your under my control there is nothing you can do but come this way" (then it switched to her point of view) "I know it's a trap but still I will go" she kept repeating it and disappeared in the darkness. Everyone was gone I was the only one left and now I will die so I went over by the elevator and looked in it it was in shambles with blood and human remains in it. So I just stood against the wall outside and watched as the overlord charged it last to destroy the earth. The charge was blue and red and made everything around black. Then it blew up and I was evaporated and the world was destroyed.