I met Ryan Higa

Date: 4/30/2017

By samthelamb

I was having lunch with group of people. Possibly with one of my acquaintance friend. When I turned around to another table. I saw Ryan Higa. I started screaming. And put my hands on my mouth and cry a bit. Just like a fan girl. I was so happy to see him. Because he is my favorite comedian. My 2 acquaintance decided move to his table. We had a conversation. I see his smile just like what he smile always on his videos. That awkward funny smile. Next we sat on the floor with his people and my people. We played this pass down slap hand game. If you get chosen. You got out. Then somehow we were playing a game suppose to scared each other. He showed me a video of crawling crab. I used my hand to cover my eyes. And lean on him. I'm like noooo. XDD. He keep scaring me. I got sick of it. A bit. Then I pretended to be scared. Just able to lean on him. ^_^ The game was over. Everyone was leaving. I saw him was alone walking to his car in the parking lot. I asked him to take a picture with me. I opened my phone and it started have the weird filters. I couldn't fix it. I used a Snapchat filter. I took picture. I was on the left. He was on the right. He was smile as usual. I was smile too. Then we say good bye. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVERRR I walked to my parents truck. My mom was like "who did you meet? Was it SANTA?" I'm like mom. Bullcrap. It was RYAN HIGA. I was happy. ====================== •I dream this when I'm in highschool. It ended there when I woke up It literally felt so real! I was sad that the dream ended.