Ponytail Guy

Date: 5/27/2017

By brookethegreat

Some irl background info: I am a grown-ass woman and I had the dumbest crush on this guy in one of my classes. Couldn't even talk to him kind of crush. He would come to class smelling like smoke and usually that's a turn-off but with him I was into it kind of crush. Inevitably I had a dream we were dating. It wasn't even a good relationship! He acted very shifty and sneaky... I don't have enough evidence to say there was another girl, maybe he just didn't want to let me in on his life, either way dude was hiding a lot of stuff. He wasn't even trying to be smooth about it. I would ask him where he was and he wouldn't even make up a story, he would just shrug it off. He didn't really seem to be invested in the relationship like at all.