Digital art, A newly turned vampire struggles to come to terms with their new existence while navigating the dangers and hunger that come with being a creature of the night.

The life and death of a vampire.

Date: 7/13/2017

By kittykatdreamer94

I was at a dance at a very old country club outside waiting for my mom to pick me up a swarm of bats came down and attacked me biting me all over I died from the attack after a raging fever that made me go in and out of consciousness while my body lay in the morgue for three days it underwent changes my skin went stark white almost translucent my hair turned a silvery grey my ears pointed my nails grew long and pointed and became hard and turned the color of amethyst all of my tattoos and scars melted away I lost a lot of weight and became a deadly gorgeous creature when I woke up my eyes were glowing red as I gasped for air then slowly changed as I was able to breathe or what I thought was breathing,I kicked open the door to the body storage door that was bolted shut and walked over to a sink that had a mirror over it and washed off my arms and legs with the melted ink on them when I looked up I didn't recognize myself I thought tried to adjust my eyes to the lighting and look closer my head started to throb I fell to the ground I found a lab coat and some crime scene tape and made a belt out of it and closed it around me then walked out in the dead of night I went the only place I could think of and that was home I wondered for a while gathering my barrings trying to figure out what has happened to me I realized breathing wasn't something I had to do as while searching my mind for what happened I often forgot to and when I realized that it alarmed me but I hadn't passed out or anything so I guess I was fine I felt very hungry and wondered past a donut place and knowing they throw away donuts after a while I went to the dumpster better yet they just threw away a fresh bag that was still warm compared to me anyway so I dug in and began eating donuts but after the third one I scarfed down I became violently ill which made me even more hungry I walked away sad thinking maybe those were rancid or something I walked past a bar where I got cat called which was something entirely new to me but I got scared when a couple of them started following me and me being in no mood to have to run found myself cornered by two drunk guys one came at me and I quickly dodged him very quickly my body was moving much faster then before the other one tried to grab me from behind and I head butted him and his nose began to bleed which oddly enough smelled way better then the donuts only then did I realize what I was or what happened it all flooded into my head at once like a tidal wave I fall to the ground and they think I'm giving in I look up at them and ask them to leave me alone one unzips his pants and says" sure ill leave you alone right after you suck my dick" I laugh softly and reply "wrong answer pal" then look up to him my eyes glowing red my fangs pop out and my old teeth shift and pop I stand up look him in the eyes and slit his throat with my nails as he falls his friend try's to run but I get to him quickly as he becomes the prey in this sick game I corner him and say" ya know I just woke up from the morgue and I'm alone and I don't know how I'm going to get home"he throws his keys at me and says here take my car I wasn't gonna use it tonight anyway just please don't kill me "well thank you kindly but I'm hungry too" I rush him and pull his head to the side and bite him his skin slits open like soft butter and his blood flows quickly into me and the taste intoxicates me I drink till he goes unconscious then finish him off by breaking his neck my senses become heightened and I see and feel more then ever I sigh and tisk didn't your momma ever tell you to bring protection. I find the mans car a rusted out old Toyota which I drive just close enough to my moms house and leave at a church not far from her house I then walk the rest of the way once I get there I bang on her door as it's soon to be sun up I'm sure I yell and say mom please let me in I'm scared I promise I won't hurt you ! She opens the door quickly and olds the screen door shut she says you aren't my daughter my daughter is dead I tell her it's me something happened and I don't know how to explain it she asks me something only I would know if your really my daughter what is the nickname I gave you that always embarrassed you and I reply "woogie" she quickly lets me in even though she's suspicious she gives me some of my clothes to wear as mine have blood on them but they definitely don't fit I sit down and tell her what happened and she's scared both for me and of me she says she will help me and hide me before I know it the sun is up I quickly test if the sunlight thing is really an issue I stick the tip of my finger behind the curtain in the living room and quickly pull it back as it burns.