Jerry and the rooftop “police”

Date: 5/26/2020

By Purple

Jerry M wanted to take me to the rooftop of a building in Manhattan. It was very uncharacteristic of him to do so. We passed a chained area on the stairs warning of authorized personnel only, but Jerry opened the roof door when I told him I didn’t think that was a good idea. Jerry said, “Says who?” And a strange man who I noticed a few seconds earlier who I had eye contact with replied, “Says me.” Jerry almost explained, but I’m not remembering what his reply was. We pretended to not enter or follow the man to the roof, as he entered. Jerry then said he had another way to get to the roof and that I should follow him. The sun had already set and it was getting very dark. I told Jerry it was getting late anyway and I had to get going. Dream ended.