{3 Dreams} They Played Kpop (Mon Feb,27 2017)

Date: 2/27/2017

By Sorrnin

1: I was at my church sagebrush and they played a Kpop music video and it was History - I Might Just Die. I was really happy about this and I saw that my hands had purple nail polish on them and I was like I don't remember putting nail polish on. 2: 18+ I was walking down my neighborhood and then I saw this van with a few boys in it and I got in it and we were driving and they said we were leaving the sate and I was like no I just came here for sex and then one of the guys got out and then I got out and more guys got out and some from up the street were all having sex with me (I am A girl) 3: I was me and some lady at the same time. The lady had a husband and they were talking. This guy had made a killing room and the husband and lady forgot it was a killing room and went in and died and I died and then woke up.