Trips back

Date: 8/26/2019

By Fitful

I had gone into the past or a deserted place in the dessert where a tone of shit got lost in. I also think I was a dude. Anyway there was lost things, literally a castle of some mythic kingdom of awesome, and various other stuff. Planes. Etc. It was kinda cool. But we got in the car and drove on. I think we were after getting laid. Me and this other dude, thick as thieves. We kept scheming a lot. ~ I got sent back in the past in England to the 1920s. It was fun. They didn't know about electronics. I had a time showing my cell phones to a gentleman. He also married a girl who came with me, she was desperate to find someone missing. She ran off the moment they got married to search for the missing person. I liked her but I felt she was cruel. I was set up as her ladies maid. The gentleman was kind and distant and rather Gung go about the mobile phones. I puledd out my prize above prizes. A white psp. But the back plate was broken in too laces and the thing hardly went to get her at all unless you held it. I hadn't played it in a while. I didn't know it was in this poor shape. I kept it prestine in a case protected, but it turned out it was broken all this time.