The Game of Life

Date: 5/20/2017

By Fitful

It started in a house, I was sitting on the computer and playing a game. I wasn't that serious about the game, and I had been playing it for a while now, but only giving moderate attention to it. I looked at my brothers progress bar, because he played the game too I knew, and he was almost finished with it. I didn't even know it had an end, but the progress bar showed he was about 74% of the way through. I was impressed and slightly jealous. But I really didn't care that much about the game. But some guy kept hitting on me, through the game, and it seems he really liked me. It was kinda annoying. The game seemed based on water, with islands you could build on, kinda like minecraft, but it seemed mainly focused in huge battles between ships which sailed the seas. At least the big players, like my brother, played out the wars, I didn't really care. Some friends of mine, a couple women, dragged me into the game to play though and I reluctantly agreed. We got to an island after being on the water and immediately I started planning building a house, which I was eager for. I wanted a house that I built to live in. I started creating its walls right there in mid air, made of glass, but my friends dragged me up the steps to the island and i decided I would figure it out later. We split up, them going to the house or wherever and I found myself in the middle of a square in the beginning of town. It had a huge black square box floating above it, and it wasn't very square inside, and was connected to a huge black inflated square thing which seems like you could jump on as it was rubber and air filled but it was actually quite solid. I noticed a output with dollars spilling from it, I grabbed them happy I had some money but they were all ones and didn't seem like much. I then noticed a template, like a huge bill and I put it into the machine. It's asked me how much I wanted and I asked for a million dollars, then changed it to 5 mil thinking that would get me started. I might have changed it a few more times up to 20mil but it did begin working. It was full of laughter and it exploded and I got my money. I was excited, I rolled it up and put it in my belt. It seems the way this game worked was a built up of pressure inside of things. I decided I wanted to go buy things, like skills, and body modifications. I would save building a house for last. I went to the house where my friends were and I was told by one to be careful about her hiding places, it was my responsibility to keep her secret stuff safe while she was gone. She actually didn't have much money, I think she was hiding just a bank which would hold the money in the secret hiding place. It seems she had to leave for a conference. I looked in the mirror and I was wearing two buns on my head, I looked adorable, the light shown on them almost tinting the jet black hair silver like a highlight, but only a trick of the light. My friend who was getting ready to leave was a middle aged Spanish female, she wore bright red lipstick and her lips looked very wet. I had to control myself not to be attracted to her, it worked well because I wasn't really attracted to her, just her body. She got upset because her lipstick kept smearing on her chin and mouth and nose. Finally she gave up and asked me to help her take it off. She knew I was good at doing that as I often wore black lipstick. I decided Vaseline was good for the job and I went to the sink. I pulled out a que tip, it was loosely among other que tips in a jar which held everything. It was dirty. I pulled out another it was also dirty. I pulled out a third finally from the middle where it was all still sterile. It was clean and smelled like antiseptic. I noticed her teeth were very yellow and I offered to clean them too. Apparently I was fond of buying dentist equipment off the internet because I had every dentist tool in existence right there in that cup. They all resembled electric files of various sizes, like the kind you do nails with. She agreed and I reached for a machine, but for a long second I couldn't recall what I was doing, and the machines all seemed covered in a delicate net of paper thin red vines. After a few moments they were gone and I grabbed a thin dentist tool. The friend got nervous and made me try it on our other friend first, a petite Chinese girl. She had very white teeth already but I obliged and it actually made a difference. This soothed my friend who was about to leave into letting me carefully clean her teeth. I looked in the mirror, the same one I saw my hair in after I finished with the teeth. I was wearing this blouse, a few shades away from being opaque white, and a lot of white with black spots. I had a bow tie, but it looked very feminine, soft and dainty, and my bra was black and showed through the shirt, as did my flat white belly. I was a bit embarrassed about my shirt being so see through, even though I looked amazingly adorable, even chic, I wore black leggings and decided to wear a black corset over the blouse to cover my belly. I didn't need the corset but I wanted to be more modest. I had on more white with black spots but I don't know where.