Graduating College, Change, Dog Kidnapping

Date: 5/24/2019

By Falcon1997

So, for some reason, I was graduating college again. My cap and gown was red as opposed to black. My family came up to visit. They were all taking extremely long to do any task, though. This was to the extent to which it seemed like they were moving in slow motion. This made me extremely late in getting to the actual commencement ceremony. In addition, I had lost my tassel and cap so I guess I had to go buy one quickly. When I arrived at the shop (which was next to an oversized zoo) I needed service, but the shop keepers seemed to ignore me. This angered me greatly. Eventually I had to assert myself, cut in this line and demand to be helped. They eventually just gave me a cap and tassel and I madly drove back to my house to get ready. The dream was melancholic. I was sort of depressed about graduating college just due to the fact that I was another reminder that things change. I walked through the empty corridors of my college dorm. It was empty except for the buzz of vacuum cleaners from scattered janitors. At some points it began to look more like a hotel but I quickly left. I ran into an acquaintance from high school. I had sort of a crush on her but we never really spoke too often. She had dark skin and was of Indian descent and was intelligent and caring about others. We recognized each other and entangled in conversation. The first few minutes were awkward but eventually, the exchange turned pleasant and she gave me her number. Eventually I learned that for some reason, the university had taken my dog and wouldn't give her back. I ran around my dream trying to find answers, calling all sorts of numbers, but never found any.