Repeated Mystery Dream

Date: 8/15/2019

By realist_spiritualist

Me and a male friend were round at a friends house when something didn’t feel right. We decided to go back later on to find keys and items we needed to answer our questions. We went round multiple nights, even when she was in the house with guests yet never got caught, escaping through the side window of the house by climbing on the table pushed up by the wall. The dream felt like some sort of a game, I played the characters who were finding out the mystery yet had no idea what needed to be found out or what we were looking for. Then, almost like entering a completely different dream, we ended up in an alternate reality where we were left roaming through streets packed with warehouses yet we felt like everything that we needed was in that moment. (Side Note- there was parts where I felt both emotions and viewpoints of myself and the male character)