Blood and Pearls

Date: 4/13/2019

By catmalcolm92

I bought a very old house - complete with all antique furniture - somewhere in Europe. The house had been empty for decades after the father of the household murdered his family and then himself. Most of what I remember is just fuzzy images of dusty old rooms, but one scene I remember vividly. I found the wife's jewelry cabinet. I exitedly opened a drawer to find it full of magnificent pearls - necklaces, earrings, brooches, and rings. As I watched blood began to pool around the jewelry, filling the drawer and eventually covering the pearls and spilling out onto the floor. I hurredly closed the drawer in shock and disgust, then opened it again to find the blood was gone, but all of the pearls were stained a deep crimson. They glistened as if still wet - and looked almost like small, bloody eyes watching me.