Cyclops Discrimination (???)

Date: 7/12/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I was underwater. I was living in a refuge-like ship thing, it was underwater and hovering above the sea floor but it was permanent. It had futuristic windows patterned in what seemed like a beneficial but also random way. My ship-thing was larger than the several other ship-things that were scattered nearby, and also more functional. I was in the beach bottom with seaweeds and rocks and the occasional coral, a couple of fish and a squid, and even a treasure chest (? Idk it was probably empty since nobody was opening it or anything) somewhere. There was a main ‘storyline’ to my dream that centered around a cyclops. The cyclops was my friend- or at least, I knew the cyclops in some way and felt bad for it. It was being taken and people wanted to kill it or ‘study’ it or something bad like that, but I wanted to save it, because of the prejudice around cyclopses. People thought they were monsters, but I knew that they were just like people, only they were missing an eye (and they were pretty big but like size doesn’t matter right?) I saved the cyclops from a futuristic-laser-jail-cell-thingy and brought it back to my ship. That’s all I can really remember. It had a feeling of ‘doing the right thing’ to it.