last night's dream

Date: 5/3/2017

By andreearamonaa

I remember very little... I broke up with my current boyfriend and started to date someone else, someone I did recognize so I guess he was just a random irrelevant person. We were at an event of some sort, in a field I think and we both went to the bathroom together. He tried to get us to go into the same stall to go to the bathroom but I was like hell now that's fucking weird (because it is). I proceeded to go into my own stall and he went into his own as well. I had to poop apparently so I began to, but while I was pooping I see the boy peer through the side of the stall (there was a slight opening for some reason) and staring at me POOP! It was the weirdest thing in the world holy hell so I started to scream at him and tell him how weird that was and then I broke up with him and stormed out to my friends and told him I broke up with him. That's all I remember. Weird dream.