Jelly dreams

Date: 1/22/2017

By Luchia23

I was on a bus. I don't know which one, or even who the driver was. There were some random kids watching me as I got up and started doing acrobatics in the isle. The bus driver wasn't mad at me though. Instead he smiled and dropped me off at my old house. ( well actually it's a road leading to me old house but you get the point). I got off to see my moms Mercedes parked in the middle of the private roadwith my dads truck on the side of the Maine road. I got off the bus yelling at her to move to the side of the road so if someone comes they can get through. I was angry at her that was until she got out and opened a huge box of doughnuts in front of my face. It was if they were glowing in a golden light, I couldn't help myself but take one. I grabbed a jelly one, one of my all time favorites, and got in the car. My brother Chase and His friend Gibby were in the backseat eating they're doughnuts when the bus came by again this time dropping off the most popular boys from our Middle School being the insecure person I am I shoved the doughnut in my mouth and hid. I don't remember what happens with the boys but I do remember panicking, my body shaking as if the world was going to end, and me shoving Gibby's food into the drink thing in the middle of the backseat of the car. Making sure it fit perfectly so no one could see it. Gibby was pretty ticked after that, but that's all I remember.