Deadly Games both Virtual and Reality

Date: 8/3/2017

By drunchee

I had two dreams involving super deadly games. One was a video game. In this dream, I remember being introduced to a new video game by either Alex or Marcos. It was where you're on a sled going through a Jungle, then once you're out of the jungle you're going down a hill and past a tree, stuff like that. Only catch? The world is FULL of completely deadly super-evolved animals, including an orange "Cave Bear", a tree full of deadly blue bee larvae resembling leeches, killer hornets, and birds with beaks that looked like bee stingers. I remember being terrified of this game even though it was virtual, and I recall there being way more creatures (that I thought were cool). One was grey and lived in the Jungle. The next killer "game dream" was one played in real life. I don't remember the objective, but in my head I had one goal: survive. I'm in Garrett's house with a girl my age. Garrett is not present. She has a small knife, and we're chasing each other around the house. She could very well kill me. I grab a kitchen knife from Garrett's kitchen knife holder, the biggest sharpest one. Now I'm chasing her. When she's about to stab me I yell to stop. She does, and drops the knife. I guess she realized it was just a silly old game and there was no need for homocide. But I didn't. I stabbed her leg and then wrapped my charger for my iPhone around her neck and kept pulling and pulling. I intended to kill her. (I remember thinking; there's zombies outside somewhere, so maybe this "game" was a population control game? Idk). I was about to end her life when Uncle Steve entered the house. I quickly stopped choking her and we both, me and her, acted natural, like nothing at all happened. But there was some serious tension in the air. Wish I got to finish the job....