crackhead zombie people/cats

Date: 3/3/2017

By seascarlet

I was walking through a park with a couple of friends who were vague and not anyone I know irl. A guy and a girl I think. There was a guy following us at a distance who was very high and dirty. There were crack pipes on and in the ground every now and then. The guy with us would kick them or dig them out and leave them in the crackhead's path to distract him from us and slow him down. We slipped into a series of concrete tunnels while the guy was distracted and smoking one of the used crack pipes. When we tried to find our way through the tunnels we got lost though and ended up on a ledge we'd have to jump off of. Suddenly, a huge horde of crackheads looking just as high and dirty as the first guy appeared below us and were reaching up for us like zombies. My friend didn't have nearly enough used crackpipes to placate them. I believe the dream changed again and we were running from dirty, crackhead zombie cats instead of people through the tunnels. They were somehow easier to get away from.