The Sword of Martin

Date: 5/28/2017

By biscuit

In the first part I remember, there was a big snowstorm all over town, and nobody could get anywhere. So, we had to spend the night camping in a parking lot. There were lots of other people there, and it was pretty dirty. My dad inexplicably switched genders into a fairly ugly woman, and wasn't too worked up about it for some reason. After that I remember playing with Sophie and Nathan. They had found a massive beetle that was actually very intelligent. It could understand human speech to an extent, and it was very gentle. I played with it for a while and went off to do something else, and when I came back they had killed the beetle and were eating it. In the next dream, I was with Brandon and Brianne, and we were going on a day trip to Canada. At the customs office, I didn't fill out the forms correctly, and for some reason one of the questions was "what special skill do you have?" or something like that. To prove to them that I could speak Japanese, I had a conversation in Japanese with Brandon, explaining what Canada is like, and someone in the back of the room laughed. His Japanese was better than mine. I also signed one of the papers as Taako the Wizard, but they let me redo it. In the final segment of dream that I remember, I was with two friends, and we were on the run from the government I guess. We were British schoolboys, and we had found an ancient king's sword somehow. I think it was called the Blade of Martin, or something. It was made of four razor-thin blades stacked on top of each other, and if they got discombobulated you had to readjust the fasteners at the bottom. Anyway, I can't remember exactly why we were on the run, but it probably had something to do with the sword. My one friend who looked like Andrew (from D&D night) was wielding the sword, and my other friend who looked like Brandon was trying to ride a bike. The bike was in really bad condition, so I had to keep tightening the bolts every time he fell over. I remember early in the dream some nuns made a foam barrier around some objects that were boiling in oil. I can't remember what the objects were, but they were important. A lot of foam was generated by the bubbling oil, and when it cooled, the foam was tough like thick paper. We used the Sword of Martin to cut the foam, and got the objects. I don't remember much else.