Red Alert

Date: 2/24/2017

By GermanChoe

The dream started off with a worldwide alert on tv and on the radio (both were on at the same time). I was situated in an apartment with two of my friends from real life; Fabian and Ivan. I did not hear what the radio/tv had said but I know that it was not a good news. So I rushed downstairs with my friends. As soon as I walked out I looked up into the sky and saw this weird black elastic ball figure covering the sun. It started expanding and contracting faster and faster while it got closer to us. So I told them to get into the car as fast as possible. For some reason I had a dark grey Volkswagen pedo van. The only bad side was that my car was inside a small garage and there were cars blocking our way. So I decided to ram into them. I did and got through. But right at the exit gate three weird looking individuals dressed in police uniforms stopped me. They did not look human. A good description of their skin would be "bright pale". They made us get down from our car. After that, all I remember is everything getting distorted.