House clock

Date: 3/26/2017

By redpearl

There was an old abandoned house with a mechanical clock like a cuckoo clock attached to it. Periodically different characters will come out. A doll, a clown with ax, a lion. I was with people to go look at it. I remember being near different homes in the neighborhood . Also I was driving in the dark. I would turn a left corner and it would be very dark with like woods or swamp on ether side. It felt like I was riding a bike, because the wind was hitting my face and I got a bug in my mouth, but I had passengers. When we stopped to view the house, some lady was talking in front of the clock being bitchy and talking shit. Foam came out of one of the clock characters mouths. Later I saw her and her whole family dead in a car including a baby. They all had foam coming out of their mouths.