Why is this happening

Date: 7/18/2019

By Brighter_daes

I was going to school normally but then out of no where I was back in 6th grade. I had all my memories but had traveled back in time to 6th grade. Some people I met after 6 grade were there tho but I thought it was normal. I also carried Francisco on a playground to somewhere safe because Kevin couldn’t without struggling and I apparently still had my strength. When I dropped him off it was by two slides.( He was also Kevin now) I sat him up so he wouldn’t accidentally slide but then immediately got up and slide down the other one. I then started asking Kevin a bunch a questions I was confused about like what grade it was because it could have been 6th or 7th. I was suddenly walking with Alex(the girl I met this year). We were best friends apparently but drifted apart this year. I was determined to stop that. So I started hanging out with her more but then she wanted to befriend another girl. She was snobby and didn’t like me. So I told Alex to go ahead while I avoided her but then I remembered that’s how we stopped being friends before so I started looking everywhere. Suddenly it was 8. I tried calling her but for some reason I didn’t have a phone. It was also prom night and I was in my senior year. Then I remembered that around this time there was a scream. I was on the other side of campus last time and I could find were the scream was. So 10 minutes and a couple rooms filled with naked horny teenagers later I heard the scream. Immediately I recognized it as Alex. I ran to the area where it was and then I heard it again. It was in a room behind a locked gate. The gate was kinda weak so I just kept slamming into it and it broke after 3 tries. The door was locked so I tried bashing into that too. I got through and I saw that Alex wasn’t in trouble at all. She was causing the trouble. She was a monster and she was killing a teenager boy. I grabbed her to pull her away form the boy. I saw bite marks on his neck and he was out of it. He didn’t lose enough blood to die though just enough to pass out. Alex then grabbed me and pulled me away. She explained that she was a succubus and I was safe because I was her friend and she only went after men. She then started worrying and told me we had go. I was like why. So she said that Shrek was coming to get us and that he would kill me to get to her. I was like Shrek isn’t after you that’s stupid. Then I started hearing his roar and flashes of Shrek started appearing in my mind so I was like fuck your right and I started running. We ran for 5 minutes until we reached a cliff and she told me to jump. I thought she was crazy so I said no but then she grabbed me jumped and wings sprouted from her back. We escaped Shrek and then I woke up.