The Beginning of my 1st "Lucid Dream"

Date: 6/29/2017

By Hhhailee_

I've started listening to a guided meditation by Jason Stephenson called "Guided Sleep Meditation with Gentle Nature Sounds: white noise Waterfall (into the forest)" I've listened to guided meditations while I go to bed for about six-seven months now, but this meditation is the only one to have actually lead into what I would call a Lucid Dream. It starts with a quick breathing exercise and goes into a body scan. After the scan is usually when I fall asleep, I haven't gotten any farther. Into the dream, (this has happened consecutively twice now) I'm walking in an infinite dark void. It's silent, I feel calm, and there's nothing there except for me just walking in the darkness. And suddenly, after a little while of walking, I hit some sort of "wall". I remember hitting my head on the second night this happened. Because it's like I'm actually running into something but it's just an infinite dark void from what I can see. But after I hit this "wall" I'm suddenly overcome with intense nervousness or anxiety and I get really scared. I can't move anymore and I'm just stuck staring into darkness. And pretty quickly after this happens my body feels weightless and my stomach drops (like on a rollercoaster) as I tip back and fall down into the void completely. I'm still unable to move as I fall but as my stomach drops I feel my anxiety melt away. Sort of like when you are being put to sleep when you get surgery... then, once I fall and I close my eyes, I'll open them and I'm in my dream.