Don't do it

Date: 5/19/2017

By abbycat2004

I was at my parents restaurant, and I saw my crush Kyle there. Well, more like he saw me first. He walked over to be and "bumped" into me. He said "Hey Abby." In like the sexiest voice possible. I then flipped and ran over to my friend Jamie. I told her Kyle was there. About 5 minutes pass and there's this guy name Bryce that tries to kidnap us to do whatever to us. I overheard that Kyle was in on it. I then ran outside, and for some reason called him on snapchat. This was the conversation. Kyle- "Hello?" Me- "Kyle! Bryce is trying to kidnap me!" Kyle- "Oh hi Mrs. Summerfield!" Me- "This isn't Mrs. Summerfield!" Kyle- "What's the answer for problem 2?" Me- "Fine. Be that way. But if he rapes or kills me it's your fault!" Kyle- (silence then hangs up) I then got called by my mom to do chores. For some reason we are now in the gym. In a basketball game. I was still with Jamie, but we escaped Bryce. "When you left Kyle tried to plead with me. He said he was so sorry and asked where you were. I told him you were doing chores." I laughed. It then cuts to Kyle and Bryce again. Bryce- "Dude! You can have all the girls in my house, I have a lot, if you just let me have Abby!" Kyle- "No! I'm not letting you do anything to her!"