Cowboys and Zoro

Date: 6/21/2017

By contactsilence

Characters Me Three unknown men. Going down the street and someone is telling someone else to stop giving directions because they are humiliating them enough already. Driver was unseen only sensed. I'm viewing myself as a third person avatar, blonde. But only briefly and I fall back to first person. I see two men in the back of a truck. They were dressed old time western 1800 clothing. One is jumping over the side to get away and the other follows. I was surprised at how perfectly the men landed when they jumped from the moving vehicle. The pursuer killed the first man by reaching around his belly. I'm not sure if he stabbed him, but his attention turned to me asking me what was wrong. Suddenly I had a sense I was in an elaborate Mexican Zoro outfit and I was only imagining someone stabbing me in the heart. Meanwhile the first western guy was asking me if everything was ok.