The Suicide House

Date: 4/18/2017

By Jadders

I just appeared in this really huge dark house.. It had mold and grime growing off the walls. I was making my way though this creepy building going up many sets of stairs when I realise that I recognise the house. It looks like home but with more floors and abandoned. I looked up from the ground floor and could see this huge hole that went all the way to the roof, through every floor. I eventually made it up to the 7th floor, which is the top. I had been dodging all these huge holes on each floor where the house was falling apart. I look around on this floor and see all the walls are actually aquarium tanks with rotting fish and sharks, but they can all still swim.. I turn around and see my supervisor from work.. He tells me "once your here you can't leave, no matter what you do".. I didn't believe him so I ran down the stairs to try the doors.. but there where no doors. After time I stopped seeing the guy from work and the house was empty. After what felt like weeks of being in the house. I decided I couldn't take it any more.. so I went to the second floor, and jumped through the hole.. I got up and wasn't ever hurt.. so I tried it again.. still didn't work.. I went on and tried the 3rd the 4th and the 5th floor.. jumping in the hole falling to the ground and not dieing. so I decided that I'm just going to take it to the top on the 7th floor. I got there and as I was looking through the hole I see the guy from work appear again. He looked at me and laughed and I just jumped through anyway. Again.. not a single scratch, I hadn't died.. so I ran all the way back up to the 7th floor and see this huge que of people that just bent all the way around the room.. I had now gotten myself into a time loop of queuing up to kill myself.. the endless torture of not being able to die. Then I woke up.