"It Follows" nightmare

Date: 1/30/2017

By oscinian

"It follows"-esque nightmare I'm constantly in third person watching other people do things, feels like I'm in someone else's dream. I've never actually seen "It Follows", just reviews of it and it's synopsis. The monster in my dream is similar to it in that it moves at walking speed, but it's always invisible to everyone so things have to be thrown at it/be heard in order to know where it is. The dream starts in an arcade. The majority of the space is dark, everything is black lit so everything that is visible is visible in neon strips, mostly the arcade boxes. The arcade is closed and I think it's nighttime. There are two people I'm focused on: a young boy (~seven) and his older sister (~fifteen). They're moving around staying close together, avoiding something I can't see. They move just above walking speed (more hesitations) and hide together under various tables. I can feel an invisible presence (human?) in the arcade-I can always feel where it is but when I look directly at it I can't see anything. The thing finds them and grabs the boy's leg, holding it instead of pulling it. The thing's invisible hand is melting the boy's leg where it's touching, turning it into green bubbling goo. Both brother and sister freak out and yell. The dream jumps completely from the arcade to the sister's bed. I think after waking up that the arcade was the sister's dream. However, the thing is in the bedroom [assuming]. The sister grabs the brother awake and they both run out of the room and close the door. I'm still inside the room looking at the door. I feel the presence moving towards the door. The door starts breaking into shards and the shards soot towards and past me. Shards are floating in the figure. The other side of the door is a double-wide hallway with a small ornate wooden table between the thing and the sister+brother. The walls are completely, completely covered in 3-4 inch square picture frames with no pictures in them. There's a mirror close to the sister on the wall that's on my left side. Shards are falling out of the figure as it lumbers towards them. The sister is throwing additional frames at the monster to slow it down/know where it is. The frames are being thrown one at a time every half second and the sister is pulling them out of nowhere (under table? I can see under the table and there's nothing there.) there's no sound at all. I'm now really close to the mirror. The figure is moving behind me. Suddenly the sister notices the figure through the mirror and is startled. She and her brother run out of the hallway and get out of the house. I conclude that they're on a plane and safe. The dream jumps and I'm in my room, still in third person. The presence is in my house far away. There are a lot of "agents" (detective-like adults in their thirties wearing black leather biker outfits. The leather is how I identify people as "agents" in the dream for some reason). They know the monster is in the house but aren't phased. I think the monster isn't interested in them. They are investigating my room, thinking about ways to contain the monster. A woman agent moves towards my window (I live on the second story of an apartment complex) and duplicates herself. The duplicate is an identical clone, but in the dream I'm identifying it as a robot controlled telepathically by the original person-agent. I hear her thinking "if I duplicate the [monster] will follow my duplicate. I need it to go away from us." The robot (calling it a robot from now on) breaks the window with it's bodyweight and intentionally falls out into the parking lot. Original agent lady is no longer around, presumably hiding. Agent-version Jordan Kleper (actor in daily show) sees the broken window, and thinks that original agent-lady escaped through the window and that he should escape to. I am now extremely anxious of Jordan. I think the monster is following him. I'm now following agent Jordan about ten feet away by floating and can no longer feel where the monster is. The monster could be right in my field of view and I am very anxious of Jordan, thinking that the monster is somewhere near him and that the monster could now [effect] me. Agent Jordan is now moving at a slight jog, searching for a getaway car. About a football field from my house, he finds an open cop car and goes towards it. "But it doesn't have keys" I think. Jordan is now also thinking this and moves towards a different car that I Immediately interpret as bait for the monster. The car looks like a nascar racecar, painted white with green stripes going sideways. The front hood is missing, showing engine etc. and the roof it missing some parts although one piece still covers the whole top. These characteristics feel very, very sketchy to me. A neighbor-looking person (I think he's part of the trap though) walks towards Jordan and gives him keys to the car. Jordan: "Really? I can drive it?" Neighbor: "Yeah! It's been drivable for three days. Here's a gas can" Neighbor then hands him a gas can that's holding something other than gas. Jordan takes it and starts driving, sniffing the can like it smells good. The smell enters his body and if the monster hasn't been following him before, it is now. I really want to get away from Jordan now but I'm tethered to a point 10 feet from the car. I'm practically a ghost (floating, no body). Jordan exits the apartment complex and immediately turns towards a gas station. I suddenly shift point of view, I'm now hovering behind Agent Dan Avidan (person on youtube in real life). He's freaked out by jordan too and starts running away, duplicating himself multiple times to keep the monster away. The duplicates start to move up tall wooden buildings to the left and right of original agent avidan. Their movement deeply unsettles me: they're climbing by ragdoll flailing up the walls like their possesed. I feel this is the normal way the robots climb things. I'm still tethered behind original agent Dan. Dan finds a building with a single small square window about three stories up and floats towards it. The window is a crawl space tunnel that goes through the whole building. Dan is crawling through it, and is very freaked out. Emerging out the other end, a robot Dan is motioning to land quietly so his escape is successful. But leaves are EVERYWHERE I CAN'T WALK WITHOUT MAKING NOISE- The panic wakes me up.