A lift to Parkchester (Charles, his wife and Oscar)

Date: 3/10/2017

By Purple

I was with Charles R and his wife, and they were going to give me a lift to Parkchester. I told them right on the corner of E Tremont would be great. I got in the vehicle, which seemed like a large truck once I climbed inside. There was no room in the front, so I stood up behind the cab of the truck and held on to some large bar for stability as the vehicle was moving. I guess Charles forgot the intersection I asked to be dropped off, passed it as a green light or forgot I was in the vehicle, because he kept driving. I gave an alternate intersection and said it was okay to drop me off at the Oval instead. As Charles slowed to a stop, I saw Oscar C. and exclaimed, "Hi, Oscar!" Oscar heard that but did not know where the greeting was coming from. He kept walking around in a circle to try to see who was calling his name. As I was climbing out, I asked Charles, "I thought the Mrs. was with you?" She said, "I am!" And removed the clothing covering her face. She was trying to sleep or pretending to sleep. I had to veer around her to exit the vehicle. When I came out, I showed myself to Oscar, who was no longer interested in who was calling out his name. He said, "Oh, hi." And kept going.