Digital art, Generate an image of a deep purple/brown/blue dragon cat egg cracking open to reveal a deep turquoise and royal blue kitten with a white face and large ears, in a setting of amorphous gelatinous creatures tending to the egg and kitten.

dragon cat

Date: 3/2/2017

By evpeeling

I can't remember how I acquired the egg...but I had an egg that was large like a dragon egg. The color was a deep purple/brown/blue, and I think I picked it out from limited options. I wasn't human, but this strange amorphous gelatinous creature. So was everyone around me. Anyway, the egg was being neglected and bumped around. Finally I reminded (everyone?) that we had to keep the egg warm. So like a good parent, i filled a tub with boiling water and threw in the egg. It cracked like a hard boiled egg that isn't fully cooked. Something was moving inside. The egg started to disappear and shrink wrap down around a figure. Slowly we realized it was a kitten in the egg. The kitten was a deep turquoise and royal blue color with a white face and large adorable ears. I proclaimed how cute it was and how happy I was to have picked that color egg. I played with the kitten and then...poof! I was in another dream. And that children is how kittens are made.