Sombra76 #1

Date: 7/15/2017

By Velaak

So.. I made the mistake of buying and listening to a certain song as I went to sleep. Perhaps it was listening that or the fact I was thinking of a Sombra76 fan fiction outline or some combination of the two. Which led to a dream.. The dream started off with them at the club. Sombra dance close to and a bit against Jack, which he looked to be really enjoying. Toward the end of one dance in particular, they were just a lips distance. Without thinking, Sombra leaned up and kissed him. Their kisses grew a bit passionate and Jack's hands found their way to her bum. Their kiss grew hot and heavy, he gave her bum a squeeze as their bodies pressed against each other for a moment and in response she let out a small, almost moan. Which seemed to excite him more so. They pulls away from each other just long enough to lock eyes before making their way toward the bathrooms. They stepped into one and started making out. Jack picked her up and carried her into a stall. (Closing the door, of course) He held her up against the wall, they locked eyes once again, he flashes a devious/dark smirk before kissing her again. At this point.. The song I had listened to prior was playing. I'm pretty positive, although their was nobody in there, he didn't bother to check before undoing his pants. When he pushed in, Sombra exhales and let out what I could only describe as a satisfied and sexy(? Jack seemed to find it sexy) chuckle/laugh. She tilted her head back, gripped and clawed his shoulders. He barched into his a bit and he let out what sounded a mix between a smug and excited chuckle/sound. For the sake of the dream, I'm hoping, he moved along with the beat of the song.. Deciding to make a "game" out of this, Sombra tested how long she could go without making any sounds or moans. A game in which I am pretty positive Jack caught onto since he started doing things to make it harder for her to stay silent. Almost as if hearing her or rather the possibility was fueling him. When she got closer to making some sort of sound, she'd grip his shoulders and neck. Jack smirked, I'm assuming because at this point he had probably noticed certain tells of hers. (Or maybe, he was smirking because he's a bit or a masochist?) They neared their finish, panting in sync and were, er, interrupted by a voice. (Gabe had been looking for them at this point since they sort of "just vanished") called in to see if Jack was in there. Jack's grip on Sombra's waist tightened, I'm guessing from having to stop so suddenly. Which evidentallt made it harder for her to stay quiet and so she dug her nails into his arms. Luckily for them, Gabe couldn't hear their pants over the music.