Wasp sting

Date: 4/16/2017

By lazylucid

There were a couple more dreams before this one that I barely remember but in this dream I was in bed or rather, in A bed; because it definitely was nit a bed I remember. I was laying on my stomach and to my right behind me was a window. It's morning in the dream or at least the sun is out. At some point I wondered why someone left the window open. Just as I wondering about why the window was open, a wasp flew in! It was black and angry. I tried to put my covers over me and block it from getting close to me but there was a whole in my covers and it flew right in! I didn't panic. I gave in. I told myself, "ah well whatever, if it stings me it stings me." Sure enough it attacked the back of my neck trying to sting me. But I was relaxed. It tried over and over but it didn't hurt at all. The wasp fell onto the bed with it's stinger next to it. I was unharmed.