Old Friend Blues

Date: 2/14/2017

By snsmith

I was with my friend Nija and her friends and family. We were in an open space that was light but gray, as if it were the afternoon on a cloudy day. Nija looked like she had been crying a lot. I asked if she needed anything and she told me that she needed tissues. I walked out of the room into an open area. I think there was a couch close by. There I found my older friend Emily. She was angry at me for some reason I can't remember. I wasn't very happy with her either. I can't remember if I wasn't happy for a particular reason or if it was because she was having an attitude with me. In any case, my anger immediately went away when I finally payed attention to the claw marks going down from the side of her forehead, down her right cheek, all the way to her collarbone towards her arm...I could tell how far the huge and deep claw marks went because of the loose sweatshirt she was wearing. I yanked at her shirt to see how far they went but she stopped me from looking forward. I remember gently touching her face with my left hand, where her claw marks were and asking her what happened. She looked sad, but I don't remember her giving me an answer. What came to mind was her fiancée and him possibly being the reason for the claw/big scratch marks, but I'm not sure if they came from him...anyway the dream ended after that