Stay Hidden

Date: 4/9/2017

By Maddy0304

I was up really late at the movie theater because I just finished a movie. Everybody had already gone home and I was still waiting for my ride. Then these two people, a man and women, appear from around the corner chasing a man. The man is armed with throwing knives so I hide behind the chair of a car. (It was a little gap in between the chair and the trunk). They people got a hold of the man they were chasing and took him to the car I was hiding in. They needed him to mess up a time ship from a show I watch. When he refused the guy pulled out a knife a started slashing wildly at him. The woman is telling him to stop but the man won't. But, every cut he got never had blood come out and he didn't even notice. He was still obviously in pain so he agreed to help. He did a bunch of stuff to the ship and then they suddenly ran away from the ship. When they got back to the car the man started slashing at him again. Then I started telling him to stop before I could even realize that I had given away my hiding spot. But, the man just motioned me away. So, I ran away trying to get ahold of my ride. They had fallen asleep and were now on their way to come get me. Then the scene changed from the movie theater to a carnival. I ran to hide in a prize storage booth. I hid behind a bunch of stuffed animals. Then my friends came out of nowhere and walked up to me. I told them what happened and why I was hiding. They said they would protect me. Then the man and women came looking for me, realizing that I had seen everything. The man, irritated, threw a knife that landed right in front of me. It was in the body of a stuffed animal that was in front of me. My friends turn to me and say that was a close one. The man and women completely ignore the group huddling around the stuffed animals. That was my chance to escape. I call my ride to see where they are. It turns out they were here. I dart to their car and tell them everything that happened to me.