trip to Oregon

Date: 5/10/2017

By dreamvan

I was attending a conference at a retreat centre near the ocean in Oregon. In the first part I spent a lot of time swimming and playing in a shallow bay. It was similar to Singing Sands at Bruce Peninsula National Park but the bay was completely enclosed at the far end and cut off from the sea. I swam near two young women and overheard their conversation, which I don't remember. they were towing a canoe behind them and I got tangled in the rope. The conference had something to do with municipal affairs and was attended by a number of city clerks. Near the sea end of the bay, I approached several people involved in building a floating gazebo. Then I was taking part in the exercise. while I worked on the gazebo, there was a flash of light in the sky. someone said, "there must be a lightning storm somewhere." but we later learned a large meteorite had hit the earth. Then someone was lecturing the city clerks. they were all wearing suits and carrying briefcases on a platform near the gazebo in the middle of the water. There was an old-fashioned neon sign suspended from something. The lecturer criticized one of the clerks for poor disaster preparedness, even though he had been working harder and had better ideas than anyone else. In the next part my mother was with me. We had left the conference centre and were driving around. since neither of us had ever visited the American Pacific coast, we wanted to see the ocean properly. We came to a shoreline road and a park with a large interpretive sign.The place was deserted. We looked at a map but couldn't figure out where we were. Then a family came along: parents with two small children. I asked them where we were. The couple didn't speak English very well. they seemed to be eastern European. The man tried to show me where we were on the map. his explanation was unclear but I understood we were beside a bay near Portland, not on the ocean proper.