3 dreams in one, kinda sex dream

Date: 8/17/2019

By dreambot90

Back in home town where I was born in Russian city. I was asked to go and buy some alcohol. I got absolute vodka it was over 1.125 L. I don't drink or every did try vodka before (not sure what that all about). I paid over $50 for my purchase. I get home and by brother gets excited about vodka because it was some new brand, it had red balloons in it's design, I believe it says the cherry flavour. My mom is trying to hide the bottle from him.q Second dream I'm part of some fairy tail take family. It's combination between mermaid fairy. The situation I'm in is trying to get home through the bridge, looks like San Francisco bridge, but for waking, mostly made of cable. The bridge is either red orange or gold colour, it might have been both or it was changing. I was trying to get on the bridge with the family. I was a female, I had a daughter who is a fairy, very small. We were struggling to walk through the wired bridge because there were no flat surface, was very unsafe and unstable to walk on. As I'm about to fall down I make a reluctant decision to call for help so I call for my husband. The way my husband appeared almost like magic. He'll look like little mermaid's dad Tritone. When I called for him it look at if he fall from the sky and landed on top of me with his face an inch or two away from mine. I remember him saying: "that's what soulmates do." Once i called for hello it showed me his ear vibrating. He helped us get through the bridge safely. Third dream I was on the family vacation with my boyfriend and my mom. Vacation was on a beach area. Lots of people. Mostly Russian and Ukrainian. We were in the locker room we had big sun hats which look like made of lace material, we had quite the selection of a white and black hats. I explore the beach area, I hear russian-speaking group of young man and I noticed one of them as Arthur from my high school with whom I lost contact since college, I don't make eye contact I'm try to hide from them as I also recognize the voice of another school mate named Artem. I tried to walk away from them but then I see them in a group of 10 people or more walking behind me all wearing pink shirts. I finally lose them from my sight not can head them, I'm going down into men made like cave where I'm trying to find a coin cuz that's what I overheard people are looking usually for but not finding any, I make my way up, the cave was made from small rocks and was somewhat damp you could see green patches of mose. I get to the beach and it has lots of kiosks they are just setting up to get the show ready. The kiosks are blocking the water, so I tried to find my way through them and I walked until the end of the beach where the last one standing. I see a handsome tall white hunk I'm he asked me to follow him, and we go through different rooms looks like floors are changing and are different. We get to the washroom which is public, he walks into big handicap washroom and expects me to get in but I pause and some twink runs in and shuts the door close. Through the cracks I see the twink hand over and they start doing anal. The hunk all's is I wanna get in, but I decide. As I'm looking for the exit I see another skinny twink who rushed to the urinal and about to start puking, he looked sick and sweaty. At that point I wake up.