The Two Children

Date: 4/16/2019

By Complex

I was on a board walk and the feelings were absolutely beautiful, like the feeling of walking into heaven for the first time. I saw it was cold from the snow and bitterness making me shiver. I've seen a sunset of many colors yet a storm of lightning. Two children boy & girl raised their hands to me as I followed. They were wearing clothing of 1800's. I followed them up the board walk and into an old house of dead yet living green vines. The ouse was abandoned because broken glass was everywhere, windows were smashed and no furniture was no where to be found. Sun rays gleamed inside and beauty took ahold of my soul. I felt home & confusion. The two children stood their as the girl was wearing a white dress with black shoes, she had a faded pink bowe in her long blonde hair. The boy had brown short hair, brown vest and white shirt, he wore brown pants and black shoes. The both smiled as I woken up out of sleep.