Public dreams by meg.taylor

Had va nightmare but in my drream I jbew it was a dream.bevause I said 'maybe this is a recurring nightmare', although it was not. Liv and I and someone else went back to this island that we had been to before in dreams. we knew these people were on it, but the idea of the dreams is that you go back to the island each time and each time what happens becomes more intense. so I was nervous. we bumped into the three people on the island who we knew were bad people, but as we were tempting fate due to knowing that the dreams increase in intensity, we went with them. there were three of them - one girl, one guy who looked Thai and had long hair, one blonde guy. all were in their early twenties. We ended up at the bungalow where they were hiding out, and the blonde guy made it apparent that he wanted to stab us. but us and the other two talked him out of it, and each time he got out a knife we ttook it off him. eventually he agreed to let us go, so we went out of the back door and got ready to start running. for some reason we went back in the bungalow and saw they were sneakig out of the front door with a habdful of knives (mostly cutlery) each ro come get us. suddenly it was revealed that they had three girls locked in a room. he said they could go, but got really amgry because one difnt want to be his girlfriend. we started walking away, and his rage unleashed and we knew he had statted stabbing one of the girls. the other two ran as well and at first I thought we would get away, but remembering that the dream wpuld increase in intensity I realised he was catching us up, so I woke myself up.