meatball jelly and halloween

Date: 3/28/2017

By deepa

idk im eith someone maybe im shane dawson and we r sharing a meatball jelly and its STRANGE cus we r cutting it in pieces and sharing and Rly enjoying it...fuck i cant remember my dreams.. OH OK now i recall a lot of it not sure if i went back to the same dream or had this massive dream in that extra hour i slept... so me and geo and possibly a couplw others are on d2 and somehow the bus wont go in to the roads and the bus driver says theres some batshit goimg down so he csnt and he drops us at the entrance and so we decide to go anyway cus...wht the fuvk not sure if there was this party before or during this little time but a chick was having a drink like gin and tonic with some words written on top which i guess was cool.. and then we r just walking in but thru diff places ive never seen before and for soem reason i took my shoes off and was walking in my socks but there was water evrywhere... and basically we werent sure what was going on was it like a terror attack or some ghost attack idk but at some point. geo wants to piss so he goes to the chicks while im at the mirror fixing my hair or whatver and hes so tall he can look to the next cubicle and hes like o shit cus this girl says in the softest saddest voice "could u Pls not look inside" ok at some point theres another guy like a shorter guy and somehow im dating the both of them? so i sit on geo and then there are lots of mates of both of them so i kinda went to sit with this other guy as well cus i didnt want him to be alone.. WEIRD but fun ahahahha and then i at some point find this window thing that i open and find some sort of jinxed looking indian goddess statue that looks like its been put there for a reason but when i look down out the window i also find out that its the halloween season and i even convince myself its the end of october even tho its basically the whole campus looked spooked out cus of the elaborate halloween decor? Wow..