Date: 7/11/2017

By deepa

ok so theres this really infected dude in a lecture hall and a scientist or someones there to monitor him likewise me n two other dudes and one small girl and basically this is some worlds ending sort of shit like hes gonna explode and smth RLY bads gonna happen it was so scary i cant explain.. so we stay around a long time in the hall even tho shits going down so then me n one of them go to get helmets to protect ourselves(we got the least helpful ones btw) andwe found three so we took one each and the other one we gave to the dude but only Later on.. so after finding the helmets we put it on and talked to random ppl and it was a normal time and it was in my primary school...when we went back maybe in the evening the impending doom feeling quickly came back..the guys condition worsened but the dude n his daughter were still in there we gave them the helmet andasked them to get the fuck out cus at first i guess we planned on putting the helmet and sitting there waiting for him to explode and not let it get in out eyes but now we figured the whole building could blow was very scary and theres no timer so its just a matter of scary ass shit..i cant explain the fear so me n this dude get out leaving the dude n girl behind cus i assume they were gonna pack up n leave anyway n i sure as hell was running.. but when we climbed down the stairs we see that theres still parents waiting for their childreb and we help them out and help wheelchaired kids get out and by that time im alone and its night time andthe fucking fear....cus u feel like its happening but it aint and theres blue smokey shit coming out the building illuminating the sky it was wack so i run down the remaining flights of stairs cus i think the lift could break down Lets say if the shit was starting to break down n i ran and i call my mother to get to a building thats high cus we live on a short building on the third floor..and i meet her and see her running into a really scary building thats not the highest..but she runs up and the lift door is snowed in so it takes some kicks before she exits and im there at the rooftop idk how but as soon as she comes up i see some huge gush of water coming this way and i ask her to hold on tight to a pole and we r preparing for impact but luckily the water didnt reach our higher ground.. and i look next door and see the building beside us is like atleast twice the height and i get very panicky thinking we fucked up..but it also looks like a condo so thats even more wack if we cant get in..and anyway the blue lights illuminating the sky and u can tell that smth has blown up and shits just going down.. i think somewhere here it ends and i tell someone about how the water body attached to the building must have blown up too thats why the tsunami-like this parts hazy but smth like i meet the two other dudes from the lecture hall with the infected dude and we r hanging out with ppl but the next day or smth threeof us are significantly older i think one of them looked like bobny briggs too and we realise that there was a sideeffect from hanging there too long with the cool dream