Longest craziest movie dream in a while

Date: 8/25/2019

By DevaJu5395

This creepy guy trying to fuck this girl She has teeth in her butthole He starts pulling them out Stuck in a house with that guy and some other creeps They're going to some concert Want me and Jason to join them The concert sucks We leave with friends we run into there Go for a joyride in their Tesla And then I tell them I have to go back home Because my son is there We take some back roads to the house A long stretch of country road Along some kind of waterway I tell the guy driving to slow down Because I recognize where we are And there's a curve in the road That drops off to water He ignores me and we go careening Over the curve into the drop And land on a boat A huge flying contraption As soon as we land on it A retractable roof comes up And the whole thing begins to shake We're taking off And I'm freaking out The attendants are more like military personnel They're telling passengers to line up For some kind of check-in Each time they do the procedure with a man He immediately bites the female next to him This happens with Jason and I'm petrified A female attendant approaches me to line up And I refuse, asking where her bite mark is She responds with some protocol bullshit And I spit at her I'm so terrified I can hardly make any saliva come out But I'm pissed Suddenly I'm being forced to watch a video Of a boy trying to commit suicide They're praising him for being a beautiful jumper And how they saved him for their elite team Then the video shifts to one of me It's from the perspective of the female attendant I'm wearing a crop top and skirt And aviator shaped glasses Made out of copper wire It's the whole bit about not complying With their weird procedure Up until the part I spit at her Then it changes to a different shot Of me running away I'm still wearing the crop top But I have on army pants instead of the skirt I'm going down this passageway in the aircraft Trying to save Jason I get his attention and I'm leading him to an opening in the passageway But little do I know I'm heading right toward the attendant The video goes off, lights come on I'm in a delapidated classroom With several crazy, disheveled people They're trying to comfort me Saying they tried to kill themselves too But "they" wouldn't let them I say who And barely above a whisper, one says "the x-men" I almost laugh but then I realize The way she emphasized the phrase They meant "ex men" I'm mortified and try to explain that I wasn't trying to kill myself I wasn't even driving! I was trying to get home to my son They don't believe me They just coddle me And say no one really wants to die Even though they would rather die Than work for that team There's no telling how long they've been there I find some chalk and start cleaning the board And writing the alphabet They seem to understand And I start teaching them kundalini So we can escape