What's in the Box?

Date: 4/16/2017

By amandalyle

I was in Hollyoaks village (was I part of the cast?) with Mat. We were looking out of the window at this ragged looking guy who was asleep in the middle of the floor. "He must be on drugs!" We decided, but then he got up, like he was miraculously cured and we watched him walk into the bank with a huge box. We followed him into the bank and waited for him to leave. Mat distracted the banker while he stole the box from behind the counter. As he did so, my eyes widened in horror. How could he do such a thing? Inside the box, was a cheque for 30 THOUSAND pounds. "We are Rich, Mandy! We are Rich!' He screeched. Next scene; For some reason, I was wearing this ugly 'old man's' jacket. my lips were also dark purple and puffy (like a puffa-fish!) "Are you ready to go?" Mat called from downstairs, but no matter how much makeup I piled on, my lips still looked terrible. Defeated, I replied "I think I'll stay at home!"