A Strange, Hellish Dream

Date: 2/16/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

That was one of the strangest dreams I have ever had 😲 I was in a large school on the coast, and as far as I can tell the place was getting attacked by demons or something? I recall being inside at one stage where we were all run into a changing room and told to hide, there were kids and teachers all scrambling as far away from the door as they could. After I covered myself in coats and kept an eye on the entrance, I could feel a presence making it's way towards us. It felt like static electricity and here was a strange noise, but eventually it subsided and never entered the room. Later on I remember being inside a classroom and there were tons of movies on shelves, they all had red or orange colours and resembled horror movies... maybe it was the demon's collection? Anyway, when something started to make its was in, we climbed out of the window. I traversed along the windows outside, sometimes having to stop the windows from being opened below me with my legs so that I wouldn't get caught. Eventually I got down to ground level and just in time because that half of the building started collapsing. I ran to the beach where I could see some sort of vehicle or metal structure. As I got close to the object I heard a stern, womanly voice that barked at me to turn around and leave. I refused, which was followed by shots from the onboard weapon. I managed to dodge most of them, with one catching me in the leg. It hurt a lot for a dream! When I got close, the woman left and started to fight me. I told her I didn't want to fight but she didn't listen and so I fought back, accidentally damaging what turned out to be a bionic eye. She didn't get up after that, and another person came out to help her while I exclaimed to them both that it didn't have to go down like this and that we were on the same side. I don't remember much after this, only one last scene before waking up where I had a view of a huge cliff face, I was in the air like a camera on a helicopter. There were lots of people running downhill and I just remember stopping time and rewinding a bit to get a better view of what I was looking at. After that, it all faded to black.